Would you like to know what our parents, teachers, and others are saying about us? These testimonials are a great opportunity to "eavesdrop" on the people who know us the best.

March 2012 - Sherilu (& Tyler) Ellis
One thing I would like to share with you now that came out of our meeting, was us feeling like [our son] is in great hands with your program and his needs.
I have told you this before, and I will tell you again – I am so pleased to be a part of your school.

April 2011 - The Zammit Family
To: Inkwell Montessori School

We are so fortunate to have found your program. Jacqueline enjoyed being at your school, last year, prior to going into grade one. Jacqueline had a positive and caring relationship with her teacher, Miss Diana. The program focused in on my daughter's individual learning needs, and as such, she was delighted to go to school everyday. Miss Diana was very nurturing and challenged Jacqueline to work on development in different skill areas. We always had positive interactions with all staff members and felt that they had Jacqueline's best interest in mind. Inkwell prepared Jacqueline to be a student with the desire to learn and to work to her potential. We highly recommend Inkwell Montessori School.


The Zammit family

July 2010 - Ingrid & David Longmead
My husband & I were looking for an alternative to half day kindergarten & half day care/babysitting for our 2 children. After researching all available full time care in town, we decided to send them to Inkwell.

The decision to send them to a Montessori school over regular school for us was to prepare them to be independent learners & problem solvers once they found themselves lost in class sizes of 20+ students. We want to try to ensure they do not get frustrated & discouraged & instead, are well positioned to "help themselves" & enjoy learning.

They have only been at Inkwell for one year so far & already, their math & language capabilities are exceeding our expectations. More importantly for us, at such a young age, they are able to apply reason to anything they learn. They will continue to attend Inkwell but even now, we feel that they are well equipped to enter school.

We chose Inkwell specifically because of the teacher to student ratio, the focus on well rounded development, inviting atmosphere & for us, the drop off & pick up flexibility & meal inclusive program. We were shocked & pleasantly surprised at how they immediately adapted to being at home full time to attending school full time.

We would highly recommend Inkwell for any parent looking to invest in their children's future. The cost is negligible when looking at long term benefits of a superior education versus spending the money on a trip to Disney or the Caribbean today.

July 2010 - K. Truyens (mother of 3 Inkwell students)
I just wanted to send you a long overdue message to tell you how much Inkwell Montessori has become part of our lives. [My son] loves his time there, both during school, and especially art camp. He couldn’t love Siobhain more and has quite a thing for Mrs. Lee and now Ms. Carole too, and what an added bonus to see Janet back again - woohoo. You are all like family to him – good or bad! :)

The girls are thoroughly enjoying themselves too. ... [Payton] is enjoying the program and loves the challenge, her two quotes, “art is really hard”, and “Carole is the best art teacher in the world”.

[Charley] couldn’t be more in her place than in the classroom helping out. She comes home each night talking about the children like they are her own, she thinks they’re all so adorable and she’s very proud of their work, even [her brother]!

So thanks for providing an environment that offers something wonderful for each of my children, and of course for Pat and me as a result. We all LOVE Inkwell and the staff! :)

July 2010 - Patrick Tyhurst
Inkwell Montessori has provided a fantastic educational environment for my son, and it has done so primarily on the strength of its no-nonsense approach and outstanding staff.

August 2010 - Norman and Julia Mah'
We believe strongly in the importance of early childhood education and did quite a bit of research into options available in theGeorgetown area before deciding ultimately on Inkwell Montessori. From the beginning, we were extremely impressed with Inkwell. All three of our children have been enrolled at Inkwell with our eldest beginning in 2005, and our youngest child entering full-time in the fall. We have been very pleased with the quality education our children have received. It is an authentic Montessori school with excellent teachers and a low student to teacher ratio. Inkwell provided our children with a warm, caring, and nurturing environment that allowed our children to reach their full potential.

Inkwell Montessori exceeded our expectations in preparing our children for elementary school, not only academically, but socially as well.

We would not hesitate in recommending Inkwell Montessori to any parent interested in a quality education for their child.

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