ART CAMP Philosophy

At Inkwell Montessori, art is an integral part of our year-round curriculum so we offer a Art Camp throughout the summer months - and usually during Spring Break as well. We also run a modified Montessori program that is heavily art-based.

We are very excited about the Art Camp we have lined up for 2010! Our aim is to allow kids to explore and celebrate the artist in each of them. Your son or daughter may never be a Monet or a Kahlo, but we promise that each child will have a creative blast and will have chance to show their passion like Picasso, explore pandemonium like Pollock, and to dilly a la Dali.

The Summer Program is available to kids from 3 to 12 years of age and operates from 9 AM until 3 PM, though extended hours are available from 8 AM to 5 PM.

And the art camp now has its own website! Georgetown Art Express Homepage



Regardless of the week's focus, the opportunities to explore will be available each and every day, allowing children the opportunity to relax with friends, tell a story in paint at the easels or master a skill being practiced. It's important to respect each child's need to relax, repeat and remove themselves to find some solace in a quiet, independent experience.

Easel painting indoors and out

Beading on a blanket


Sketching with pencil and fine black tip markers

Sheets, tape, clips for fort building

Table drawing with pencils, markers and pencil crayons

Weeks 1,5 & 9- Magical Molding Hands - June 22, July 20, & Aug. 17

Media: plasticene, pottery-clay, self-hardening clay, and fondant

Children are invited to explore the wonders of these soft, smooth, artist materials in our warm, inviting indoor and outdoor environment. As children gain more confidence using sculpting tools, clay bats, pinching, using slip, etc. they will move at their own pace to more complex uses of the media.

Weeks 2 & 6 - Colour My World! - June 29 & July 27

Media: Watercolour paints, tempera paints, dye, acrylic paints, canvases, paper fabric and specialty papers

Any child would be in heaven with a variety of luxurious paints and specialty papers in which to smear, slop, stipple, brush and transform. A garden of artistic delights awaits each budding painter and colour specialist.

Weeks 3 & 7 - Tantalizing textures & Cool and Crazy Collage! - July 6 & Aug. 3

Media: Paper fabric, paper pulp for homemade paper, threads & yarns, mosaic tiles, tissue paper, washi (Japanese papers) Chinese & Indian papers.

This innovative and exciting week has children exploring the world of touch. A variety of of fabrics and textured materials will be on hand to create pieces of art from paper pulp, making handmade paper, and weaving.Fabric painting and drawing on fabric will round out a wonderful week of textures...AND we'll also be exploring collage to open up the child's eyes to the art of arrangement, use of space, layering texture and colour. Whether experimenting with re-usable collage, creating a collage using a myriad of hues or decoring a tile in mosaic pieces, each child will have loads of opportunity to explore.

Weeks 4 & 8 - Art Mania! - July 13th & Aug.10th

MONDAY: Clay & plasticene, TUESDAY: Making paper, WEDNESDAY: Tiles, etc. THURSDAY: Painting, FRIDAY: Fun days/forts/games & Pizza!