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CASA & Toddler Programs - Dr. Montessori believed that each child has within himself or herself a unique potential that is revealed as the child grows and develops his or her interests. She identified that children have "sensitive periods" where they focus on certain types of learning with eagerness and intensity. She also believed that learning is a natural process where children learn by doing.


Inkwell's Art Express Camps -Summer Camps - Ages 4-5,6-8 & 9-12 years old work in a variety of mediums such as sculpture, pastels, watercolours, collage, papier mache, acrylics, copper foiling, clay and much much more. Call the office to register or for more information. Come experience art among beautiful surroundings in downtown Georgetown. Our exciting, impressive and innovative projects will inspire even the youngest student. Our Art Camp has even launched its own website! To find out more about what happens at Art Camp, check out