15 Fast Facts

  1. The number of schools using the “Montessori” name in Canada is estimated at just under 500.
  2. Montessori schools are the fastest growing private schools in the world.
  3. The number of schools using the “Montessori” name in the US is estimated at just under 5,000.
  4. The largest number of Montessori schools in Canada are located in the province of Ontario (230) – comprising slightly less than half of the Canadian total.
  5. PEI and the NWT have the fewest Montessori schools in Canada, boasting one each.
  6. According to the *CCMA web site, the official 2003 – 2004 membership roster lists 110 schools across the country: less than 1/4 of the total schools identified nationwide as Montessori.
  7. The number of International Montessori schools outside of the US is estimated to be well over 3,000.
  8. There are numerous web sources that indicate the number of Montessori schools worldwide exceed 10,000, but because there is no central databank or repository, these estimates are very difficult to corroborate.
  9. In Ontario, schools offering junior programs must be licensed under the DAY CARE NURSERY ACT.
  10. In Ontario, schools offering elementary school programs must be licensed under the PRIVATE SCHOOL ACT.
  11. In Ontario, schools offering both programs require dual licensing.
  12. The *CCMA has 3 levels of membership for Montessori schools: Accredited Members, Members and Applicant Members.
  13. If the school you’re considering is a member in good standing of the CCMA (includes applicant members), this indicates that it is an authentic, sanctioned Montessori, and has been operating as such for at least 5 years.
  14. Key Montessori areas: curriculum, teacher accreditation, Montessori materials, class size and age mix.
  15. You know your child best – not every school is ideal for every child. If there’s something you don’t like about a school, keep looking!
  • CCMA - Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators

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